Saturday, January 19, 2013

Raiders from the North - Thracian Light Cavalry

During my painting sessions in December I was able to finish some more units. One of them was a battle group of Thracian light cavalry. As you may have noticed I did two bases for them some time ago. The only thing I did was to add four more bases, so now I have a complete battle group for Field of Glory. The figures themselves are again taken from the hellenistic cavalry set made by Zvezda.

The Thracians were a people living north or north east of Greece, roughly in the region which today is Bulgaria. They were devided into many small warlike tribes and therefore also often made raids into the nearby territories of Greece and Macedonia. Thrace itself was rich of timber and metals, the Thracians often served as mercenaries in Greek and hellenistic armies. They were known for their skills as light infantry and cavalry.

The four new bases:

The battlegroup as a whole:


  1. I do like them! Not easy to play, but very fast! Good work!

  2. I can almost hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground- these are great miniatures and really dynamic poses.

    Great work, Thomas

  3. Really lovely! They really look the deal!