Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project: One Week - One Army. Part 3

To confess a defeat is never easy, but sometimes inevitable. The weekend was filled with work, not just painting, but also making scenery (not for me, so I unfortunately forgot to make some pictures).

At the beginning everything looked good. I deflashed my miniatures and made some minor conversions. Note the red spears of the cavalry and triairii. They are made of brooms and are much more durable than the soft plastic spears. The legionaries kept their pilum, because it's much shorter and is very detailed.

The next step was priming. I primed my miniatures in GW skull white, as one should always work with bright colours when using the army painter dip. The horsemen are missing on that picture.

I decided to start with the main bunch of the army, the legionaries. This meant painting 24 similar miniatures. Although I saved time by working on so many figures at once it was also very exhausting and sometimes frustrating. It took me all saturday and sunday to complete them. The picture on the left shows them in WIP status.

Even though I had a plan, I did not so much on miniatures monday and tuesday. Yesterday evening I applied the dip at last. They need to dry today. After that I'll white their shealds and put on the decal. Then they need to be varnished and based.

I failed my project. It started good, but I underestimated the work and my very own motivation and working speed. I didn't even finished 24 miniatures, not to speak of the whole army. This is of course a bit disappointing.
But I'm an optimist and always look on the positive things in life. The legionaries are nearly finished, the most work is done. I have never painted so many miniatures in such a short amount of time. The army as a whole is pushed a big step forward. And I'm motivated to get the rest done. So, in the end, not everything failed.


  1. Don't let this get you down, Thomas, you still have made a quite impressive bunch of miniatures.

    Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  2. looking good so far, interesting concept for finishing armies!


  3. I agree, they are looking great. Nice work.

  4. Love the sets from Zvezda. Those models are extremely fine. I'm sure you gonna finish your Romans soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your project :)

  5. Don't think of it as failure or even success as these can become false 'high's' and 'low's'. Perhaps consider 'advancing' as your concept. They can be slow or speedy advances but always heading towards improving the situation. I've found over the years that I've never really finished because even when I'm happy about an army or a project something new will come out or fresh idea will occur. Chin up, best foot forward your doing very well so keep it up.

  6. Those are some pretty awesome neat miniatures you have there ;)
    Nice work!