Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grey Beasts - Hellenistic War Elephants

And once more I needed much time to update my blog again. I moved again because I finished my studies (just waiting for my last paper to be checked) and currently I try to find a job or something like that (isn't easy as political scientist and historian). Despite that I had some free time which I spend mostly on painting. Today I managed to make some pictures, so I decided to finally continue my blog and start the new year the right way!

I finished two hellenistic war elephants in december. They are made by Zvezda and are as usal very good looking. The box art indicates that they are fighting against each other, so maybe the battle of Raphia 217 BC is shown. They are both much to big for ancient elephants, but do look impressive on the battlefield. I'm also a big fan of these beasts, as they were a common feature of hellenistic warfare and despite other opinions had influence on the outcomes of battles (heraclea, ausculum, cynoscephalae, just to name a few). Two elephants make one FoG battlegroup and are enough to arm two DBA armies with them because all hellenistic DBA army lists only have one elephant maximum.

I painted the elephants and their crews in a bright and colourful way, to indicate their elite status in the army. Unfortunately the dip was very pasty, so it left some spots on larger surfaces (I diluted it afterwards).


  1. Wow, die gefallen mir gut.
    Das Der Dip ein bisschen dick war, ist gar nicht soo schlimm, auf der Platte sieht das eh' keiner.

    Der Kontrast der bunten Aufbauten zu den Tieren und dem Basedesign gefällt mir RICHTIG gut!

    Mehr davon!
    Gruß aus Hildesheim

  2. Fantastic looking war elephant, great effect on a table!

  3. Excellent painjob and basing on those!

    I think we have very similar style of painting and blogging :)


  4. Sehen sehr gut aus. Habe selbst noch zwei Elefanten, die ich schon grundiert habe, aber 25mm in Zinn. Der Drache auf der Decke des einen gefällt mir. Sind das Freehands oder decals ? So etwas in der Art suche ich...

    Gruß vom Opa

    1. Der Drachen ist aufmodelliert, ich hab ihn also nur ausgemalt und der Dip hat den Rest gemacht. Wenn du schon ein Motiv hast kannst du dir von der Schildschmiede selbst Decals machen lassen, total einfach!