Saturday, May 5, 2012

The first 4 bases hoplites

After two weeks of painting (and some other stuff as well) I finally managed to make some pictures of my first quickshaded units. I'm also quite satisfied with the quality of the pictures, something which always annoyed me.

First, some thoughts on my choice. I took the hoplites because of several reasons. They were already deflashed, much work was done already. Then, (later) hoplites are very versatile - they can be used as opponents of  Philipp II. of Macedon and Alexander the Great or as allies. They are also suitable for inner Greek conflicts and southern Italian or Sicilian city states. I'll paint 10 bases of them, enough for every later Greek DBA army or a Field of Glory battlegroup. The miniatures themselves are also fine sculpted and fit good together as a phalanx.

The shields (called aspis in ancient greek) took most of the work. The decals are from LBM and add much to the unit, but they need much preparation. But I think the work was worth it! The grass on the bases is from Mininature. I used three different sorts.

The hoplites shown here are the poorer ones - they can't afford body armour and therefore only wear tunics. I used white and beige, because in my mind these guys are too poor to wear expensive colourful clothes.

Now, the pictures: