Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I've done today - Trees and thoughts

Back again.

At the end of a day I often ask myself: "what have you done for your hobby today? You had so big plans and still have so many things to do." Today, I worked on some trees which lay for a month in my basement and bought some things. Nothing big.

But it was indeed a good day for me and my hobby, because I did something which keeps the hobby alive just as painting and building does: I met a friend and we talked a lot. We not only made some scenery together, but we shared thoughts (not only about wargaming). That sounds simple and sure, it is. But it's just as important as playing, because I believe that a game is only fun if both parts have the same goal. And that is, for me, to experience a cool scenario, a small story, the thrill about leading inferior forces in a tough situation or to flood the enemy positions with your men - but not to achieve victory. That's also the reason I play historical wargames - the percentage of people sharing my view on how and why to play wargames is much higher than in other areas. Unfortunately there are not so many of 'us' in Kiel. Thats the negative aspect: if you know what you want, you also know what you don't want - and that can result in loosing many potential takers.

Anyway, lets come back to the real stuff. I based many trees today (thanks to Björn), which I bought months ago. I'm pretty shure to finish them until sunday. To make them more durable I always use cheap hair spray, so they loose less flock (and smell like hair instead of glue ;) ).

And some small things. A light bulb (for my work bench), a set of fences (I wanted to buy them since august) and some felt (it will protect my tanks some day).


  1. Hi Thomas! Welcome to the world of blogging ;)
    Nice AFVs and trees over there!
    I just started playing DH (I'm coming from Behind Omaha, maybe you'd like to look this up: www.boforum.de).
    Since Woods are playable in DH, I have an alternative suggestion on using "single trees" because its hard to push your figures through:

    Have fun,

  2. Hello and also a welcome from me.

    What kind of bases did you mount you trees on, do they stand firm, especially on those smaller bases?


    PS: I've linked you in my blogroll - be sure to visit www.schmock-blog.de!

  3. Sind das Noch-Fertigbäume oder hast Du die selbst zusammengebaut?

  4. Thanks for the first comments :)

    Nice tutorial, thanks! I prefer single trees because they're very flexible and I have not so much space (you know the problem...).

    The bigger bases are from GW, the medium bases are "coins" (no real coins, but tokens from a drug store). The small bases are 5€-cent. They'll hopefully stand firm enough, don't know yet.

    Die Bäume sind fertige von Heki (the manufacture of the trees is Heki).

  5. Hi Thomas!
    finally you decided to create your own blog. That´s nice mate!

  6. Hi Thomas,
    Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Your blog surely will become a good one.
    The first posts aee promising that.

    Fritz II.