Thursday, January 12, 2012

Falling leaves... or not?

Hi there,

today I added static grass to the bases of my trees which I have shown earlier. As gras only would be a bit boring I tried something new. I read the hint to use oregano as dead leaves on the ground and so I tried that on one base. Here's the result (the pictures aren't the best, sorry for that):

So what do you mean: should I add oregano to all bases or should I stay with gras only?


  1. I'd say it depends on how the rest of your board is designed. If it fits in, why not?

  2. Why not?

    I like the left base because it doesn't look that neat. Nature should look a bit untidy. You shouldn't add too much, but a little bit spices up the look a bit.

    By the way:
    I made good experience with chervil.

  3. Looks perfect to me :)
    Use it!

  4. @ Thomas
    The design of my board is just like the base of the right tree: sand, drybrushed, statis gras.

    @ Monty
    Chervil? Ok, I'll check it up. Damn, I see myself testing every herb you can buy to find the best looking - and in the end they all look the same...

    @ Mojo

  5. Depends on the time of year :-D
    No, seriously..it looks fine and as Monty says, a little often works more.

  6. I'd say got for it, and it smells nice too!!