Sunday, January 8, 2012

Results of a weekend

I had high ambitions and I soon realized that they were too high to reach them. Let's have a look:
  • finish all my wip Wehrmacht vehicles (3 tanks, 2 trucks + 4 tanks and 2 halftracks with minor workload) - only the 4 tanks and 2 halftracks are finished, but the rest is on the way
  • finish my Italian Autoblinda 41 (a recon vehicle) - not finished, but almost
A workbench filled with work...

  • finish the bases of my trees (that means drybrushing and flocking) - only the flock is missing now, but for a reason: I want to test oregano as leaves on the ground

  • start my Ukrainian village - nothing here
  • at least prime my Italian infantry - also not yet done
  • base the rest of my Wehrmacht infantry - nope
  • finish the boxes for my tanks - done! Only some foam is missing, good, that doesn't count as I still have to buy it
Raw material...
...only glue to come...
...some pressure...

Time for a  review. I'm of course a bit disappointed because I only achieved one goal on my list, but there is also something positive. I could push many things on the list much further so it is foreseaable that I can complete them this week. The aims were always in my head while working which motivated me to continue, although I was sometimes halfhearted. As a result, I'm convinced that I accomplished more than I would have without the pressure of my public plan. So, my personal conclusion is that my blog motivated me, but I have to lower my expectations then it comes to plans.


  1. Hi Thomas
    your "one and only scale is 1/72 or 20mm"..
    Look at the Bennos Forum..90% 20mm..:-D
    PS..welcome to blogging..have fun

  2. Hi Thomas,

    nice review. And especially nice boxes!

    I'll keep an eye on your blog.


  3. @ Paul
    Thank you, I'll visit the forum!

    @ Monty
    Thank you too :) I finished the boxed and then realized, that I'll need more - I just have too many tanks (German, Soviet, Italian...)

  4. Nice work, I like these boxes too, they remind me of old cigar-cases.

    Maybe you could try to apply a weathering effect to the wood?


    1. Thanks! The boxes will disappear in the larger white box from IKEA (the one I used for the pressure), so they'll be inivisible most of the time. Don't know if I want to add some extra work - I thought about national symbols so I can see which tanks are inside.