Sunday, April 28, 2013

Supply lines - Russian GAZ-AAA Truck

Hello there,

again, I needed some time to present something new to you. I've been busy (again) in the last month, now living in Berlin und actually working full time, which leaves less time for the hobby and even less time for blogging and shooting pictures. Because of that I'll present something to you I finished some time ago.

I painted a Russian truck for my Barbarossa campaign setting. It's not easy to find some trucks for this period! In the end I took a GAZ-AAA from UM Models, a Ukrainian manufacturer. It's a highly detailed and complex model set and was annoying to built. This is no wargaming model for sure!


  1. And very nice it looks too Thomas.

  2. Superb job on that truck, I propably would have gone mad assembling it. Hopefully WG will release theirs soon as Im not to keen on all this modelling stuff.

  3. Replies
    1. If you are looking for good 1/72 Soviet Trucks have a look at Moonlight Modelwerks (look for David Reasoner on the Guild forum of the Society of Gentlemen Gamers), superb castings from the U.S. at about the same price as Uni Model or Military wheels

    2. Thanks, I'll search for it!