Thursday, September 6, 2012

Russian armour: my Soviet tank forces

Hi there,

in order to play a game properly I was fortunately forced to finish some tanks which were standing around for some time. I took the chance to make some pictures, so you can have a look!

All models are fast assembly kits. The decals are not included, and so bought separately (only very few fast assembly kits contain decals). I painted them all in the same way: black primer, GW catachan green, a black wash, drybrushing with catachan green and camo green. The dirt is a brown (I used a scenery colour).

1. BA - 6
These fast assembly models are made by Pegasus, one of the best manufacturer of plastic tanks. They are detailed, easy to build and very robust, which makes them perfect for wargaming purposes

2. BT - 7
Also made by Pegasus.

3. T - 34/76
Made by Armourfast. Though cheap and easy to build, they are not very detailed and can't keep up with Italeri or Pegasus.

4. KV - 1
Also Pegasus models. The box contains 4 turrets, which makes it very versatile

5. KV - 2
The same models as in 4., but with KV - 2 turrets.


  1. Really nicely painted Thomas, I love the dirty drybrush effect!

  2. Nice work Thomas! You could have easily made 4-5 posts out of this wonderful objects :)


  3. Very nice painting style, great work...and very nice blog too, I love your hoplites!

  4. Awesome paintjob!