Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back again... hopefully

Hi there, I'm back again!
My studies absorbed my time in the last month, but now I'm almost finished. That means free time - and free time is hobby time! I wasn't totally idle the whole time.

At TACTICA, the best German tabletop convention, a friend and I bought some plane models. One was already a bit broken and so we decided to convert it into a mission goal for North Africa - recon information was always something both factions were eager to get.
The plane is a Fieseler Fi 156, called "Fieseler Storch" (storck):

It was a German recon plane and had some famous actions in WWII. It special feature was that it could start and land on very short runways and had a good circumferential visibility. When Mussolini was saved by German paratroopers he was evacuated in an overloaded Fieseler Storch. In the last days of the war, the famous pilot Hanna Reitsch landed in a Fieseler Storch in bombed out Berlin (she appears in the movie "Downfall (Der Untergang)") and even got out afterwards!

Some Italians investigate the wreck.

I'm back. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice to see you back in action and with such a good looking model, Thomas!